July 20, 2012: Index of Stories

CropWatch July 20, 2012: Index of Stories

 Nebraska map indicating drought levels

Drought Advances

This week the U.S. Drought Monitor moved another area of Nebraska into D3 extreme drought status (red). Areas in gold indicate severe drought, and tan indicates moderate drought. See 30- and 90-day forecasts.

Feeding in Corn

Greenbugs and corn leaf aphids were reported this week in corn and sorghum fields in south central Nebraska. Natural predators can play a big role in controlling greenbugs. Learn more about them and treatment thresholds.

 Corn leaf aphid

July 20, 2012

Corn Production

Soybean Production


  • Temperatures Could Top 100°F with Winds over 20 mph.  The 30-day forecast for Nebraska indicates above average temperatures and below average or average precipitation.  A glimmer of hope exists in the 90-day forecast for increased precipitation in September and October. video

Dryland corn field on Kimball-Banner county lineForage and Hay Production


A large area of severe drought moved further east this week and a second area of extreme drought developed, this time in central Nebraska, according to the July 19 U.S. Drought Monitor. More than 75% of the state is now listed in extreme drought, an increase from 54.5% in the previous week's report. (Source: U.S. Drought Monitor)Dry rangeland in the Nebraska Panhandle

Field Update

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