April 19, 2013: Index of Articles

CropWatch April 19, 2013: Index of Articles

Wheat seedling    

Wheat Survives Freeze

Much of the state's wheat crop was still in the tillering stage when temperatures plummeted below freezing last week. At this point poor stands due to the lack of fall and winter moisture are of more concern than cold. More

They're Back.... 

Recent rains have kept producers out of the field but given summer annuals like this kochia a healthy start. Burndown and pre-emergence herbicides can limit soil moisture, nutrient, and yield loss to weeds. More

    kochia seedling

April 19, 2013

Soybean Production

Wheat Production

  • Nebraska Winter Wheat Appreciates Moisture, Despite Lows. Recent snow, ice, and rains did more good than damage to the state's wheat crop, which is one to two weeks behind normal and still in the tillering stage. Had it been at jointing, damage likely would have been more severe. See wheat condition reports from across the state.
  • Assessing Freeze Injury to Winter Wheat. If you're seeing burned and yellowing leaf tips from the recent freezing temperatures across western and north central Nebraska, check this guide to evaluate your fields.

Corn Production

Farm Management


Nutrient Management

  • Biostimulants/Biofertilizers: Buyer Beware.Unlike fertilizers and pesticides, these products are not regulated and marketing is not required to show proof of effectiveness. If you decide to try one, start small and conduct a replicated field trial before you integrate it full-scale.

Weed Management

Alfalfa Production

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