November 2012

CropWatch November 2012

UNL Extension Crops Specialist Greg Kruger discusses the state's wheat crop with Market Journal host Jeff Wilkerson on this week's show. See more segments or view the whole show.

November 2012


Wheat Production

  • Market Journal:  State's Winter Wheat Crop May Need More than 9 Lives This Year.  The state's winter wheat is known for surviving hard times, but with the continuing drought conditions its prospects are rockier than usual. UNL Extension Cropping Systems Specialist Greg Kruger recommends growers wait until spring to determine whether replanting is necessary. See this and other Market Journal stories. New article

Weed Management

  • Managing Palmer Amaranth to Manage Resistance. This pest has now expanded into the Panhandle, Sandhills and even northeast Nebraska and in some areas has developed herbicide resistance. Rotating herbicide modes of action is one way to limit further resistance. 

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