Grain Marketing

Sample of corn basis chart

Tracking Grain Price Basis to Identify Trends

August 16, 2017
A new interactive, online tool can help you better understand and monitor local elevator basis levels and trends for corn, soybean, and wheat, which may help you garner a higher cash price for your grain.

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Chart of historical soybean price trends after August WASDE report

Soybean Marketing: Preparing for the August WASDE Report

July 18, 2017
Mid- to late-summer price expectations and marketing strategies for old crop and new crop soybeans in light of the August WASDE report.

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Chart of wheat futures prices

Post-Harvest Winter Wheat Marketing Strategies

July 11, 2017
When developing a post-harvest marketing plan, your objective should be to obtain a higher price than the cash price offered at harvest. This article discusses five strategies to post-harvest market winter wheat.

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Cornhusker Economics: How Accurate are Crop Forecasts?

June 16, 2017
Publicly available crop reports are one of the main sources of information about underlying supply and demand in many agricultural markets, but how accurate are the forecasts contributing to these market shifts?

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Piled grain and bins

Post-Harvest Grain Marketing: Cleaning Out Corn and Soybean Bins

April 12, 2017
Marketing grain in the bin can take a backseat to field work this time of year; however, given the current market, those with grain in storage need to be vigilant to changes in futures price, adjustments in basis, and accumulating storage expenses. Examples of stored corn and soybean at two Nebraska sites illustrate how storage costs can add up over time.

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Gordon Nebraska grain elevator
Figure 1. Now's a good time to begin your pre-harvest marketing plan. Gordon Nebraska grain elevator. (By Ammodramus, via Wikimedia Commons)

Pre-Harvest Marketing Strategies in Years with High Ending Stocks

January 27, 2017
This article looks at historical price patterns which can be used to determine a pre-harvest pricing strategy. Because of the record high ending stocks placing pressure on all three futures traded commodities, we will present both a 20-year average price pattern and a pattern for years with very high ending stocks for each.

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Grain Marketing Workshops in Alliance and Sidney

January 23, 2017

Grain marketing workshops will be offered Jan. 31 in Alliance and Feb. 1 in Sidney to assist grain producers minimize losses during this time of low prices.

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