Grain Marketing

Q&A: USDA Market Facilitation Program

September 4, 2018

Starting today, producers of agricultural commodities directly impacted by escalating trade conflicts and tariffs can sign up for the new USDA Market Facilitation Program. This program is administered through the Farm Service Agency (FSA). Qualifying producers can sign up from September 4, 2018 through January 15, 2019.

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Graphic repeating the title: Will a Date-Driven Wheat Marketing Plan Improve Your Revenue?

Will a Date-Driven Winter Wheat Marketing Plan Improve Your Revenue?

August 28, 2018
This article evaluates various date-driven winter wheat marketing strategies, using 20 years of prices for Kimball, Nebraska. It compares each year’s average harvest price and the probability of the average price of a strategy being higher than the cash price at harvest.

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Chart of soybean prices

Tariffs and Soybeans. What Do We Know? What Can We Do?

July 11, 2018
New tariffs between China and the U.S. have prompted many questions about agricultural trade between these two nations, especially from soybean producers. This article offers an overview of soybean tariffs and what soybean farmers can do to reduce the impact of the recent price declines.

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Chart of corn futures prices

You can fill the bin, but can you empty it?

May 9, 2018
This is often a good time to monitor prices and market stored grain as many buyers may offer a price bump due to limited supply during the planting season. Also storing grain too long may result in a lower price per bushel than was available at harvest, nullifying the logic of placing it in the bin to begin with.

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Grain Market Outlook and Effective Grain Marketing Plan 2018

April 23, 2018
Resources for grain market prices and using them to develop an effective grain marketing plan for 2018.

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Market Journal: Consider Selling New & Old Crop Now - May

April 20, 2018
Also on this week's Market Journal: An overview of policy changes in the new farm bill, ethanol production, blizzard impacts on cow-calf production, and the forecast for the coming week.

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Women in Ag featured on Market Journal

Market Journal Spotlights Women in Agriculture, Risk Management

March 9, 2018
This week's Market Journal explores the need for a written market plan for both new and old crop corn and soybeans, the drought in Argentina, and what attendees learned at the Nebraska Women in Agriculture Conference.

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Market Journal

Market Journal Looks at Farm Bill Discussions

March 2, 2018
This week's Market Journal looks at two key programs affecting farm management: the Farm Bill that's currently in production and crop insurance. Other speakers look at the grain markets, cover crop research, and the forecast for next week.

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