Seed-vee that didn't properly close
Seed-vee that didn't properly close
Checking seed placement of a multi-hybrid planter
Figure 1. Joe Luck (left) and Rachel Stevens check seed placement of a multi-hybrid planter being tested as part of a collaborative research project among UNL researchers, industry, and growers.

UNL Precision Ag Leads Group Studying Multi-Hybrid Planter Applications in Corn and Soybeans May 26, 2016

A multi-disciplinary UNL Precision Ag Research and Extension team is working with local and regional industry groups and growers to examine the use and potential for multi-hybrid planters. This new technology can plant at least two seed varieties in one trip or manage various seed treatments from separate bulk tanks on the planter.

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Corn leafing out below the surface
Corn seedling leafing out below the soil surface

Planting Delays? It's too Early to Consider Switching Hybrids or Moving to Soybeans May 4, 2016

While corn planting has been delayed in areas of the state due to recent rains, it's too early to consider switching hybrids or switching to soybeans. The author addresses some key points to consider for those waiting to plant and those who planted early and may need to assess stand viability.

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Q&A: How are Soil Temperatures Recorded? April 29, 2016

Q: When and how are CropWatch soil temperatures recorded?

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Planting Corn into a Cereal Rye Cover Crop April 29, 2016

Cereal rye has become a popular cover crop to reduce soil erosion and add carbon to the soil system.

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Inoculating Your Soybeans: When, Where, Why? April 20, 2016

Nebraska farmers must scrutinize inputs and focus on finding profit for their estimated 5.3 million soybean acres  in 2016.

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Soybean Seeding Rate Tips April 20, 2016

Numerous soybean seeding rate studies have indicated that a final plant population of about 80,000 to 120,000 plants per acre is likely sufficient for ensuring an economic return, with the latter being based on weighing the slightly higher yield potential with higher final pl

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Photos of canopy closure based on various planting dates
Figure 3. Canopy cover in early July for each planting date in a 2015 Nebraska study. Authors note that fields that have closed canopy and are "green to the eye by the 4th of July" make the best use of sunlight to generate top yields.PD = planting date.

Early Bird Gets the Worm: Benefits of Early Soybean Planting April 20, 2016

A 4-Step Early Bird Guide to Higher Soybean Yield Potential:

  • Select full-season varieties with proven yield performance.
  • Know your replant coverage with seed suppliers and insurance.
  • Shoot for soil temperatures above 50°F during the 48 hours after planting.

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