Extension Crop and Pest Reports (May 13-17)

Map of highlighted counties with reports for May 17

Extension Crop and Pest Reports (May 13-17)

TJ Prochaska

Extension Educator in Colfax, Butler and Polk Counties

Planting is in full force across Colfax, Butler and Polk counties. For the most part, these counties have picked up some hit and miss showers over the past week. Observed at the local Colfax County Extension Office was about 1.25 inches collectively over the last week. Luckily, this region has missed much of the severe weather.

Corn — Corn planting is likely over 60% (or more) completed in the region.

Soybean — Soybean is nearing 25% complete.

Alfalfa weevil is present in local alfalfa sites. Multiple sizes of larvae are being observed. Scouting will be key over the next few weeks. Please refer to the UNL CropWatch website for more information, including economic thresholds and insecticide options.

Ron Seymour

Extension Educator in Adams, Kearney, Franklin and Webster Counties

The topsoil has been somewhat wet in several locations, but farmers have been planting corn and soybeans as soon as they can get into the field.

Corn — Most of the corn that was planted in late April has emerged and some of the plants have two to three leaves.

Soybean — Soybean planting is further behind and only a few fields have emerged plants.

Wheat — Wheat is either in the boot stage or heads have started to emerge. A few fields have had wheat streak mosaic virus, but little other disease issues have been observed.

Alfalfa — Alfalfa fields are now 12-18 inches with a few plants beginning to bloom. Some of the fields have had many alfalfa weevils and pea aphids but the levels of infestation have been variable. 

Pasture condition has improved significantly with the recent rainfall.

Alfalfa weevil damage on plant
Figure 1. Alfalfa weevil feeding in Webster County.
Field of corn planted
Figure 2. Field corn in Adams County
Wheat field
Figure 3. Wheat in Kearney County.

Gary Stone

Extension Educator in the Panhandle

Sugarbeet — Despite a slight delay in planting due to wet fields, the sugarbeet crop is planted and emerging.

Corn — Corn planting should be completed by this time next week. Corn is also emerging across the Panhandle.

Wheat — Winter wheat looks good to particularly good across the southern and northern Panhandle growing areas.

Alfalfa — Alfalfa is progressing towards the first cutting, with a few reports of alfalfa weevil showing up. Alfalfa weevil may still be a problem after first cutting and growers are encouraged to scout their fields.

Irrigation water diversions and deliveries are taking place in the North Platte Valley canals and growers are taking advantage to irrigate alfalfa and other crops. Dry edible bean planting will be starting soon and take place over the next several weeks. The weather forecast for the week preceding Memorial Day weekend is for chances of precipitation and cooler temperatures.

Tractor in field planting
Figure 1. Planting in the North Platte Valley.

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A field of corn.