USDA Reports NE Corn and Soybean Production Hit Record Highs February 8, 2019

Corn for grain production and soybean set record highs in 2018, according to the end-of-year report from USDA. See how all major crops in Nebraska fared.

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Is my Alfalfa Safe to Graze? November 9, 2018

Many alfalfa fields had good late-season growth, making grazing an option for some growers. While there's no guarantee against bloat when grazing alfalfa, taking these steps can minimize the risk.

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How Freezing Temperatures Affect Forages October 15, 2018

When plants freeze, changes occur in their metabolism and composition that can poison grazing livestock if not properly managed. Delayed grazing is often the best solution, but how long should grazing be delayed?

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October Alfalfa Harvests September 27, 2018

Cutting alfalfa in October is often discouraged to avoid potential winter injury while it is winterizing. This year, however, you may find you have a substantial amount of high-quality alfalfa that can be safely cut. Here's what to consider.

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Alfalfa rust
Figure 1. Rust pustules on alfalfa leaves. (Photo by Landron Rhodes, The Ohio State University)

Rust on Alfalfa September 13, 2018

Warm, humid weather has caused rust to form in many alfalfa fields throughout our region. While it causes little damage in fields harvested monthly, it can injure and defoliate more mature alfalfa or alfalfa grown for seed.

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Figure 1. Rotating alfalfa can allow for better yields as well as provide a nitrogen boost for the next crop.

When Should You Rotate Alfalfa Fields? September 5, 2018

How do you decide when one alfalfa field has run out of steam and a new one needs to be planted? Here are some things to look for.

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Alfalfa Harvests in High Heat June 28, 2018

When the temperature is consistently above 90°F, many guidelines for alfalfa harvest no longer apply. Rather than using the bloom as a guide, give plants extra time between hot summer harvests to maintain healthy stands.

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Managing Seeding Year Alfalfa June 13, 2018

Seeding year alfalfa is just getting its "field legs" and needs to be managed differently than established alfalfa. Stems are spindly, roots are small and growth is slower. Following these harvest guidelines can help assure multiple harvests and a strong first season.

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