Wrapping Hay to Beat the Weather

April 10, 2017

If rain damage often plagues your hay making, you might consider using plastic wrap this year. Try baling it tough, then wrapping it with stretch plastic wrap to keep water and air out while keeping nutrients in.

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Applying Manure Before Seeding Alfalfa

April 7, 2017
If you're looking for a place to spread manure, a heavy dose before planting alfalfa can pay big dividends. Applying manure before seeding alfalfa may seem counter productive since alfalfa is not likely to benefit from any nitrogen in the manure, but manure also is rich in phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, and many micronutrients that alfalfa needs in large quantities.

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Reduce the Cost of Planting Roundup Ready Alfalfa

March 23, 2017
Roundup Ready alfalfa seed can be expensive, but establishing a new field may not cost as much as you think if you follow these recommendations.

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Pre-Season Alfalfa Irrigation May be Advisable

March 23, 2017
With low soil moisture levels in many areas of the state, early spring often is the best time to irrigate alfalfa. A good goal would be to have at least six feet of soil at field capacity at first cutting. Irrigating now also helps build a reserve water source to encourage deeper rooting.

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Consider Planting Grass-Alfalfa Mixtures this Year

March 22, 2017
Are you planting a new hay field this year? Instead of automatically planting pure alfalfa, consider mixing grass into your planting. A grass-alfalfa mixture that includes orchardgrass, smooth brome, festulolium, or other grasses offers several advantages and may be the best choice for your operation.

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Checking Alfalfa For Winter Injury

March 10, 2017

Alfalfa had started to green up and grow in many areas prior to this cold spell. When growth begins again, stands need to be evaluated soon.

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fertilizer applicator in the field
Nebraska research shows that most NE growers can reduce their normal nitrogen rate in corn following alfalfa by applying the proper N credit. (Photo by Laura Thompson)

Cutting Costs Without Hurting Yields? Check Fertilizer N Rates in Corn after Alfalfa

February 22, 2017

With tight crop margins for the 2017 growing season, many farmers are looking for ways to cut input costs without hurting yields. One way to do this is by giving the appropriate nitrogen credit when calculating how much N to apply to corn grown after a prior alfalfa crop.

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Be Alert to Risk of Alfalfa Winter Injury

February 17, 2017
WIth warm temperatures and intermittent early growth, alfalfa may be using up vital reserves needed for its regular growing season. Growers are urged to check their fields and make any necessary adjustments early.

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