Dormant Spraying Alfalfa Weeds

February 17, 2017
Starting your weed control in dormant alfalfa can help ensure that weeds don't lower yields, reduce quality and slow hay drydown in that first cutting.

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High Quality Hay Still Brings Top Dollar

November 11, 2016
If you're sitting on some high-quality hay and planning to feed your livestock, consider whether the market adage to "Sell high, buy low" might offer some sage advise for the hay market too.

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Weed Control Options in Seedling Alfalfa

September 21, 2016

Late summer plantings of alfalfa tend to have fewer weeds than spring plantings, but this year, fall weeds may be a problem in some fields.

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Guidelines for Alfalfa Harvest During The Winterizing Period

September 14, 2016
Hoping to get a final cut of alfalfa during the fall winterization period? Check out these recommendations for increasing the chance your alfalfa survives the winter and grows well next spring

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How Disc Mowers Can Damage Grass in Grass-Alfalfa Mixes

September 14, 2016

I like mixing alfalfa with grasses like orchardgrass, fescue, and festulolium and I like using a disc mower, but it can be complicated.

Compared to sickle bar mowers, disc mowers cut faster, require less maintenance, and rarely plug.  They can cut the crop shorter and keep going even if they occasionally scalp the surface.  And that’s the problem.

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Nebraska Hay & Forage Hotline

August 4, 2016
Nebraska Department of Agriculture Director Greg Ibach is encouraging Nebraska producers with hay surpluses and pasture for rent, to register as a seller on the department’s online Hay and Forage Hotline service.

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4 Tips for Spreading Manure in Alfalfa

August 3, 2016
If you have manure to spread during summer, sometimes the only place available is an alfalfa field, but that can be problematic. Follow these four guidelines to avoid crop injury and delayed weed problems.

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Heat Effects on Alfalfa

July 21, 2016

As we experience the extreme heat of summer, plants adjust in various ways.

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