Typical La Nina pattern over North America

What Will a La Nina Winter Mean for the Midwest?

October 24, 2017
The Climate Prediction Center reissued its La Nina Watch on October 12, stating that the odds of a La Nina occurring during our North American winter have now increased to 55%-65%.

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NWS-Omaha map showing areas of below normal temperatures

Scout Corn Fields for Kernel Set

August 4, 2017
Considering the day to day and week to week variability in weather we’ve experienced and the wide range of regional conditions across Nebraska this year, scouting fields for kernel set and overall condition may be more important than ever. Check out these corn reports from across the state.

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Nebraska mesonet sites

Documenting Climate Data Relative to Pesticide Injury

July 27, 2017
With dicamba injury reports surging during the past few weeks, we want the public to be aware that historical data is available to research whether climatic conditions were a contributing factor.

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Adjusting Forage Management for Summer Heat

July 18, 2017

The current heat wave is taking a toll on forage plants, particularly cool-season plants. Alfalfa and clovers, bromegrass, orchardgrass, fescues, needlegrasses, and wheatgrasses all struggle during hot weather, but adjusting your management can limit the stress from stressful weather.

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Nebraska drought map 6-27-17
Nebraska drought map 6-27-17

Abnormally Dry Area Expands to 68% of Nebraska

June 30, 2017
Dry areas expanded in Nebraska for the second straight week with 68% of the state now labeled as "abnormally dry" by the US Drought Monitor.

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Drought monitor map for Nebraska for June 27, 2017
Drought monitor map for Nebraska for June 27, 2017

Forecast: Expect High Heat Indices after July 4

June 29, 2017
Short range numerical models bring additional chances for moisture to the eastern half of the state from July 2 through early July 4, likely the best chance for moisture for northern Nebraska through next weekend. If substantial rains in excess of 2 inches fail to materialize, there is a strong possibility that moderate drought conditions will be introduced across portions of the eastern Sandhills and northeast Nebraska next week.

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Corn plant injured by hail
Figure 1. Corn plant exhibiting abnormal growth (wrapped or tied leaves) after being damaged by hail. (Photo by Justin McMechan)

Crop Hail Damage Resources

June 14, 2017
Check out these resources from Nebraska Extension and CropWatch on assessing hail damage to crops. View a seven-day time lapse video of how corn hailed at the V4 growth stage recovers.

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