Graph showing irrigated corn yield departure from Trend-Line Yields and Corn Planting Progress by April 29 for 1985-2018 (excluding 1993 data) in Nebraska. From USDA-NASS survey data.

Windows of Opportunity for Corn Planting: Nebraska Data

April 24, 2019
Does early planting of corn necessarily result in higher yields? An examination of Nebraska research and data from USDA NASS sheds light on the question, indicating that, up to mid-May, other factors may affect final yield more than planting date.

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By replacing one solid closing wheel with a spiked one, closing the seed-vee becomes easier in a variety of conditions.

Avoiding Sidewall Compaction at Planting

April 19, 2019
Don't let this season's planting conditions get the better of your crop stand. Described here are four factors contributing to sidewall compaction and steps you can take to minimize the challenge.

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Layout of data-intensive prescription research conducted in Saunders County
Layout of data-intensive prescription research conducted in Saunders County

Soybean Seeding Rates

April 18, 2019
Research from Nebraska farmers and Midwest universities suggests seeding rates for soybeans can often be decreased without affecting yield. These decreases could save growers $10 an acre in seed costs.

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Tilling wet soil creates additional problems

Wait For Better Conditions Before Heading Out On Wet Soils

April 11, 2019
If you're putting a log chain or tow strap in the tractor cab just in case you get stuck, even you know it’s too wet. Waiting a day or two for the soil to dry out some will provide better soil conditions for planting and stand establishment.

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Wet soil compaction

Addressing Harvest Ruts and Erosion Gullies

April 11, 2019
With the wet spring, producers need to evaluate soil moisture conditions before heading to their fields to clean up flood debris and fill in ruts, rills, and gullies.

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Important dates for prevented planting for corn and soybean

Flood Damage and Prevented Planting

April 10, 2019
This year some farms may qualify for crop insurance prevented planting payments due to flood damage. Here are planting dates for RMA coverage, as well as some unknowns and considerations as you assess the damage to your property.

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Take Time to Evaluate Alfalfa Before Row-Crop Planting Season

April 1, 2019
In a rush to get into corn and soybean fields this spring, don't take your alfalfa for granted. Evaluate your stands and consider whether changes are needed for top production potential this year.

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Three soybean plants demonstrating how plant architecture responds to planting population.

Variable Seeding Rate for Soybean

January 23, 2019
Discussion of findings from on-farm soybean research to identify uniform field management zones and the optimum seeding rate within each zone. This is from one of the presentations to be made at the Nebraska Crop Management Conference Jan. 28-29 in Kearney.

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