Nebraska State Climate Office

May 30 Drought Monitor

May Temperatures Well Above Normal Statewide, Heavy Precipitation Hits Western Nebraska

June 14, 2023
May's precipitation led to atypical extremes for both sides of the state, with the western region breaking records for rainfall and eastern areas setting new records for dryness. 

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Ruben Behnke mugshot
Ruben Behnke, a climatologist specializing in the practical application of meteorological data, is the new manager of the Nebraska Mesonet. (IANR News image)

Climatologist Behnke is New Manager of Nebraska Mesonet Weather Data Network

June 9, 2023
Behnke, who worked more than five years with the South Dakota Mesonet, began his duties as Nebraska Mesonet manager earlier this spring.

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June 6 drought monitor

Weekly Weather Update: June 8, 2023

June 8, 2023
Though most of western Nebraska has reduced drought, recent rainfall hasn't been sufficient to improve eastern Nebraska's exceptional drought status, and annual rainfall deficits continue to escalate for the area.

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April precipitation map

Dryness Continues into April, Temperatures Slightly Above Normal

May 17, 2023
April's total precipitation was well below normal in Nebraska, resulting in worsening drought conditions and the fifth driest April for the state since 1895.

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Drought Monitor
Nebraska drought conditions on March 28, 2023. (Source: National Drought Mitigation Center)

March 2023 Brings Colder and Drier Conditions to the State

April 13, 2023
March precipitation did little to stymie ongoing drought in Nebraska, with large swaths of the northeast, southwest and Panhandle remaining in extreme and exceptional drought conditions.

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February precipitation map

February 2023 Brings Wet and Warm Conditions East, Cold and Drier Conditions West

March 15, 2023
Several areas of Nebraska had a one- to two-category improvement in drought conditions throughout the winter season, which has been the fifth wettest winter on record for the state.

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January 2023 precipitation map

December's Stormy Weather Continues Into January

February 16, 2023
January ranked as the third-wettest on record for Nebraska, with six storm systems resulting in above-normal precipitation for the entire state.

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December 2022 was Stormy and Colder than Normal

February 1, 2023
In addition to below-normal temperatures closing out 2022 in Nebraska, last year also ranks as the fourth-driest on record for the state.

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