Cattle grazing corn stalks
Cattle grazing corn stalks

The Crop Residue Exchange Links Growers and Grazers

October 10, 2018
The Crop Residue Exchange is an interactive online tool to help crop and cattle producers connect and develop mutually beneficial agreements to use crop residue for grazing. A new feature allows producers to also list forage cover crops for grazing.

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Combining corn at sunset
What a beautiful dry day for combining corn until sunset. (Photo by Ryan Loseke)

Harvest Progress: 27% of Soybeans, 17% of Corn

October 1, 2018
As weather allowed, crop harvest continued and was slightly ahead of the five-year average, according to USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service Sept. 30 report.

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Yield monitor
Yield monitor

Importance of Yield Monitor Calibrations for Accurate Yield Data Collection

September 28, 2018
To ensure you're getting the most accurate results from your yield monitor, consider these tips for calibrating the mass flow sensor.

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Corn going down in the field
Figure 1. Rapid corn drydown in corn and increased stalk and ear rots from recent rains could create harvest challenges similar to those faced by growers in 2017. Growers are urged to scout their fields now to determine which should be harvested first to avoid losses. (Photo by Jenny Rees)

Assess Corn Now to Avoid Harvest Complications

September 28, 2018
With an unusually warm August and rainy September, corn growers are urged to monitor their fields and prioritize harvest to avoid some of the challenges and losses faced in 2017.

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Figure 1. Representatives of the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service view sugarbeet harvest in the Nebraska Panhandle near Morrill. (Photo by Gary Stone)
Figure 1. Representatives of the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service observe sugarbeet harvest at a farm in the Nebraska Panhandle near Morrill. (Photo by Gary Stone)

Foreign Ag Representatives View Nebraska Farms First-Hand

September 27, 2018
A group of 27 foreign agriculture attachés from 23 countries recently visited several ag production sites in Nebraska, including a farm near Morrill where sugarbeet harvest was underway.

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Combine loading grain into a truck
Taking time now to prepare your harvest equipment and storage facilities can help ensure higher qualtiy stored grain in the long run.

Preparing for Harvest, Grain Storage

August 24, 2018
Proper cleanup of your grain bins and the surrounding site before harvest, coupled with good stored grain management, will put more income in your pocket and keep your equipment and facilities in better condition.

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Loading a grain truck

Why Grain Test Weights Matter

November 10, 2017
What factors influence grain test weights and why aren't test weights necessarily an indicator of grain quality? More on these issues and what to consider when trucking high test-weight grain down the highway. When grain prices are lower and test weights are higher, it makes sense to check truck load weights prior to highway travel.

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Raking Downed corn

Grower Experiences with Picking Up Downed Corn

November 6, 2017
This photo series of grower solutions illustrates several non-livestock options for picking up corn on the ground, including the use of a rake and combine with a pick-up attachment.

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