Cover Crops

Herbicide Options for Planting Forage Cover Crops after Corn and Soybean March 18, 2016

Cover crop adoption is continuing to increase throughout Nebraska. Respondents to the 2015 cover crop survey conducted during Nebraska extension meetings indicated the top five desired benefits from cover crops are

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Nebraska Cover Crop Conference Feb. 25 at UNL ARDC February 12, 2016

The integration and benefits of cover crops in a corn-soybean rotation will be the focus of the Nebraska Cover Crop Conference Thursday, Feb. 25. It will be held at the UNL Agricultural Research and Development Center, 1071 County Road G near Ithaca.

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Feb. 5 Cover Crop Seminar Available at UNL or On-Line February 4, 2016

Cover crops and their effect on soil ecosystems will be the topic of a Friday afternoon seminar hosted by the UNL Department of Agronomy and Horticulture. Humberto Blanco, associate professor for soil management and applied soil physics, will be presenting information from his research on cover crops and a review of current research by other universities.

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What Can We Expect from Forage Cover Crops? January 15, 2016

Growth and production patterns vary among the many species used for forage cover crops. This article looks at some of the attributes of various species to help growers select those best suited to their situation.

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Gabe Brown to Speak on Cover Crops, No-till Jan. 29 in Columbus January 12, 2016

Gabe Brown will speak on cover crops and no-till at a Nebraska Extension event in Columbus January 29. Brown, who is from Bismarck, ND, is one of the most sought after speakers for no-till, cover crops, livestock grazing, and soil health presentations in the United States. 

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Study Initiated on Cover Crops in Corn and Soybean Systems April 17, 2015

2015 Research Update

Cover crops have been described as the "newest old concept" in farming. While this addition is not an entirely new idea, the number of farmers integrating cover crops into their cropping systems continues to increase.

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Infographic: Cover Crops

If replanting after a hail event is not an option, integrating cover crops into post-hail management practices may be an option. This infographic shares what you need to know about cover crops: benefits, interseeding, and selection.

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Establishing Cover Crops for Grazing in Hail-damaged Crop Fields

The main economic factor resulting from wind and hail damage to corn and soybean fields is yield loss through elimination or reduction of grain production. In addition, much of the residue that would usually be available for erosion protection or winter forage is also lost.

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