Winter Wheat

Spring planting in field

USDA Crop Progress Report for Feb. 21

February 25, 2021
For the week ending Feb. 21, topsoil moisture supplies rated 14% very short, 32% short, 51% adequate and 3% surplus, and winter wheat condition rated 9% very poor, 13% poor, 44% fair, 33% good and 1% excellent, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service.

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Harvesting crops in field
Michael Trimble, Unsplash

Grain Marketing Lingo: Common Phrases

February 18, 2021
Nebraska Extension educators break down the meaning of common phrases in commodity marketing for a simpler approach to selling your crops.

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Grain Marketing Lingo — Trading Codes

February 2, 2021
Confused by trading codes? Extension educator Jessica Groskopf sheds light on what each code component represents in a contract — and what it means for your grain marketing strategy.

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chart showing results of wheat trials

Improving Nitrogen Management in Dryland Winter Wheat Production

September 3, 2020
Over the past two years of the study across multiple locations, we found that yield response to applied N rates was evident only in the wet year.

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corn field
Photo by Agustina Diale

Early Forecasts Indicate Record Nebraska Corn Harvest

August 13, 2020
Based on August 1 conditions, Nebraska's 2020 corn production is forecast at a record 1.80 billion bushels, up 1% from last year's production. Soybean production in Nebraska is forecast at 307 million bushels, up 8% from last year.

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2019 Harlan County Wheat Plot Tour. Photo courtesy of Dawn Hetrick, Harlan County Extension Office.

Selecting Winter Wheat Varieties - Best for Your Cropping System

July 21, 2020
Variety selection is one of the most important decisions a winter wheat grower has to make. The right or wrong decision can enhance or negate all other factors in profitable wheat farming.

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A field in Excellent Condition This Spring

Winter Wheat Condition

April 9, 2020
Some producers are concerned with the condition of their winter wheat fields this spring. At the time of seeding last fall, some areas were dry and under no-till conditions it was difficult if not impossible to seed at the recommended seeding depth.

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red clover sown in wheat field

Undersowing Red Clover Into Winter Wheat as an N Source for Corn

March 11, 2020
Red clover can be an excellent green manure that fixes nitrogen, suppresses weeds, and increases corn yields. As a slow-growing cool-season legume, it is suitable to undersowing into winter small grains in early spring.

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