Oat field
Results of the small grains survey will be published in several reports, including the annual Small Grains Summary and the quarterly Grain Stocks report, both to be released on Friday, Sept. 29.

USDA NASS to Collect 2023 Small Grain Production and Stocks Data

August 18, 2023
During the first two weeks of September, Nebraska growers of wheat, oats, barley and rye will be asked to share their acreage, yield and production data, to be utilized by USDA for administering federal farm programs.

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The total expenditures per farm or ranch in Nebraska averaged $644,018 in 2022, up 18 from 2021. The livestock expense category was the leading expenditure, at $151,242 per operation, 6.61 times the national average.

2022 Nebraska Farm Production Expenditures Up 16%

August 4, 2023
Livestock expenses were the largest expense category, which increased 3% from 2021, but feed expenses represented the most dramatic difference, increasing 52% from the prior year.

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Wheat stem sawfly
Wheat stem sawfly on a piece of wheat. (Photo by Jeff Bradshaw)

‘Great Plains Sawfly Survey Project’ Seeks Grower Input

July 6, 2023
Growers are encouraged to share their insights on controlling wheat stem sawfly through the survey, which will help a UNL-led team of researchers find improved solutions for management of this pervasive wheat pest.

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For more statistics on Nebraska agriculture, visit USDA NASS.

USDA Mails 2023 Agricultural Resource Management Survey

May 16, 2023
In 2023, the survey will take a closer look at barley, oat, peanut and soybean production in the United States.

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Irrigation circles aerial view
Historical acreage and grain stock reports for Nebraska are available at USDA.

USDA Seeks Feedback from Producers about 2023 Crops, Stocks, Inventories and Values

May 16, 2023
Data from the surveys will be used to estimate the supply of major commodities in the U.S. for the 2023 crop year.

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Survey: How Did We Do in 2022?

December 1, 2022
What did you like about CropWatch content in 2022? How can we better help you with farm management decisions in 2023? Take our survey and let us know!

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Oat field

USDA NASS to Collect 2022 Small Grain Production and Stocks Data

August 19, 2022
During the first two weeks of September, growers of small grains around the country will be contacted by USDA NASS to measure 2022 acreage, yield and production for small grains.

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stocks of green wheat

USDA to Survey County Small Grains Acreage

July 20, 2023
Nebraskans will be asked to share production information on wheat, barley and oat crops to help determine rates for USDA's farm programs that provide loans and disaster payments.

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