USDA Mails 2023 Agricultural Resource Management Survey

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USDA Mails 2023 Agricultural Resource Management Survey

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) is collecting data from approximately 3,600 Nebraska farmers and ranchers for the first phase of the 2023 Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS). The annual survey looks at all aspects of U.S. agricultural production, the well-being of farm households, farm finances, chemical usage and various farm production characteristics. The survey also collects detailed information on production practices, costs and returns for different commodities on a rotating basis. In 2023, the survey will take a closer look at barley, oat, peanut and soybean production in the United States.

“The annual data from ARMS are used to gauge the financial health and resource use of today’s producers,” said NASS Nebraska State Statistician Nicholas Streff. “The information gives us an annual snapshot of the role of the farming industry in the U.S. economy.”

The information producers provide through the survey will inform national and state policy decisions. In addition, ARMS data are used to calculate the farm sector portion of the Gross Domestic Product, which is an important measure of the U.S. economy.

The survey is conducted in three phases from May 2023 through April 2024. The current (first) phase screens participants to ensure they have the commodities of interest that are needed to accurately represent the entire U.S. farm sector. During the second phase, NASS will collect information on production practices and chemical use for specific commodities. In the final phase, NASS will survey producers on farm income and production expenditures.

“We strongly encourage every producer contacted for ARMS to participate, as their response represents not just their own farm but many other similar operations across the country,” Streff added. “For maximum convenience, producers should complete the survey online with the survey code mailed to them. Online reporting is fast and secure. Producers may also mail or fax their completed questionnaire to us.”

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