Soybean Disease

Psysoderma brown spot

PP&DC Disease Reports

August 9, 2019
Corn and soybean diseases confirmed by the Plant, Pest and Diagnostic Clinic and reported by district.

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Soybean root lesion

New CW Podcast on Soybean Seedling Diseases

April 26, 2019
Tune in to this CropWatch podcast on seed and early season issues with soybean diseases. Is your seed selection or treatment well matched with historical problems in the field? What should you be watching for at emergence and what are your management options.

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Soybean Disease Update

January 11, 2019

In 2018 an array of weather conditions led to the development of several soybean diseases. Excessive early season moisture and heavy rains during the season resulted in many fields being impacted by Phytophthora root and stem rot. Frogeye leaf spot developed early in some areas and continues to build in the state with more fields being affected.

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Treated soybean seed

Q&A: When Does Soybean Seed Treatment Pay?

November 8, 2018
A farmer who is ordering soybean seed this fall asks "At $20 per unit, when does soybean seed treatment pay?" Here's what to consider when deciding whether to order fungicide and insecticide treatments for your soybean seed this year.

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Purple seed stain on soybean seed

Cercospora Purple Seed Stain and Blight in Some Nebraska Fields

September 19, 2018
High humidity and warm temperatures created conditions optimal for development of Purple Seed Stain and Blight in some Nebraska soybean fields.

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Advanced sudden death syndrome in soybean

Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome in West Central Nebraska

August 24, 2018
Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) was found in soybean near Sutherland in west central Nebraska last Friday. While uncommon in the area, moist conditions earlier in the year would have been favorable for its development.

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Screen capture of August 10 Market Journal
Screen capture of August 10 Market Journal

Market Journal on Weed Management, Soybean Diseases

August 10, 2018
This week on Market Journal: the importance of weed management after wheat harvest with Chris Proctor, market analysis with Luck Beckman of Central Valley Ag, soybean disease update with Loren Giesler, and the forecast with Al Dutcher.

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Frogeye leafspot on a soybean leaf

Frogeye Leaf Spot Showing Up in Soybean

July 18, 2018
With much of the state's soybean crop soon entering pod stages, it's time to scout for frogeye leaf spot. This guide and video address scouting and management.

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