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Pivot field at the West Central Research and Extension Center, site of one of the three divisions in this year's UNL-TAPS competition. (Photo by Krystle Rhoades)
Figure 1. Pivot field at the West Central Research and Extension Center, site of one of the three divisions in this year's UNL-TAPS competition. (Photo by Krystle Rhoades)

UNL-TAPS Field Tour this Thursday, June 27

June 19, 2019
View the variable rate irrigation system and the subsurface drip irrigation system used for this year's UNL-TAPS competition at the TAPS Field Tour on Thursday, June 27. There will be plenty of time to talk with contest participants and staff about this year's contest.

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Combining corn
About one-third of the producer corn and soybean fields studied were successful in achieving high yields within irrigated water requirements.

Study: High Crop Yields Are Compatible with Prescribed Irrigation Levels

June 18, 2019
New research from University of Nebraska researchers has found that one-third of studied fields achieved high crop yields without surpassing prescribed irrigation levels.

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USDA: Nebraska Corn, Soybean Planting Nearly Done

June 18, 2019
With 98% of the corn crop and 91% of the soybean crop planted as of Sunday, according to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, Nebraska planting efforts moved down the home stretch.

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Crop Diseases Confirmed by UNL Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic

June 14, 2019
Report of the diseases reported in samples submitted to the UNL Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab from May 15 to June 14 for corn, soybean, and wheat.

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Planter in a field of corn residue

Corn Hybrid Maturities and Late Planting

June 13, 2019
Still planting corn and wanting to change to a different hybrid maturity? Here are some things to consider and a tool that can help you assess which hybrid options are likely to mature before an average fall freeze date for your location.

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Cover image for the Nebraska CropWatch podcast

CW Podcast: Managing Early Season Insects in Corn and Soybeans

June 13, 2019
In the latest Nebraska CropWatch podcast Michael Sindelar is joined by Robert Wright from the Department of Entomology to discuss how to prevent or identify and treat early season insects in corn and soybeans.

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Part of a row of corn struggling to survive
These plants, in a Clay County corn field, are in deep water and deep trouble! The bright vibrant greens of typical V2 to V3 seedlings are replaced with sickly yellows, indicating plummeting chlorophyll readings and photosynthesis. Roots of these oxygen-starved plants are no longer growing and are likely dying. The soil to which they are anchored has changed dramatically and full plant recovery is likely not possible. (Photos by Roger Elmore)

Corn Establishment and Growth in Saturated Soils: A Brief Review of New Research

May 31, 2019
How long can seedling corn survive under flooded conditions? A review of current scientific literature offers new understandings of when and how plant injury occurs and what factors affect it.

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Planting plots in the 2019 UNL-TAPS program
Figure 1. Planting plots in the 2019 UNL-TAPS program at the West Central Research and Education Center near North Platte. (Photos by Krystle Rhoades)

Hybrid Selection Sets TAPS Contests Up for a Unique Year

May 30, 2019
Competitors in the three divisions of this year's UNL-TAPS contest have selected their seed and seeding rate. Additional research was added this year to look at production functions such as seed selection.

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