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Cold germination test of seed

Cold Germination Test for Corn and Soybeans April 10, 2018

A cold germination test is used to evaluate the emergence of a seed lot in cold wet soils. Developed to simulate adverse field conditions, it is the most widely used vigor test for corn and soybean.

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On-farm grain bins

USDA: Nebraska Corn Stocks Down, Soybean Stocks Up from 2017 March 30, 2018

Nebraska grain stock reports for corn, soybean, sorghum and wheat as well as national data for corn, soybean and wheat, as reported by the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

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Soybean and corn fields

Nebraska Prospective Corn Acreage Drops 3%; Soybeans Drop 2% March 29, 2018

Nebraska prospective plantings for 2018 for corn, at 9.3 million acres, are down 3% from 2017. Nebraska soybean prospects, at 5.6 million acres, are down 2% from 2017. Find more prospective plantings at the state and national levels.

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On-Farm Research Results: Impact of Torque on Corn Yield March 7, 2018

This report synthesizes the results of seven on-farm research studies of using Torque™, a seed or furrow-applied growth promoter, in Nebraska between 2010 and 2015.

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Cornhusker Economics: Price Volatility Transmission between U.S. Biofuel, Corn, and Oil Markets March 7, 2018

Many factors have been suggested as sources of increased volatility in agricultural commodity prices in recent years.This study finds that corn–ethanol links exist, but the effects are small and the impact is low.

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A March 14 noon-hour webinar will explore the issue of wheat stem maggot damaging corn planted directly into rye or wheat cover crops.
A March 14 webinar will explore the problem of wheat stem maggot damaging corn planted directly into rye or wheat cover crops.

March 14 Webinar on Wheat Stem Maggot in Cover Crops March 2, 2018

A noon-hour webinar on March 14 will explore the issue of wheat stem maggot damage in corn planted directly into wheat or rye cover crops in 2017. Learn more about what happened and how to plan for 2018.

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Corn and soybean fields
Corn and soybean fields

Nebraska 2017 Crop Value Forecast at $9.52 Billion February 27, 2018

The value of Nebraska's 2017 crops is estimated at $9.52 billion, of which $5.5 billion was from corn, $2.95 billion was from soybean, and $185.3 million was from winter wheat.

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USDA NASS County-Level Production Data for 2017 Released February 23, 2018

Which 5 counties were the top corn and soybean producers for 2017? This week USDA NASS released county-level data for several crops.

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