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Wheat field

Crop Progress: Winter Wheat Harvest Begins

June 28, 2022
Winter wheat harvest in Nebraska has begun, with 66% of the crop reported to be in fair to excellent condition.

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Corn plant

Crop Progress: Planting Nearly Complete, Crop Conditions Make Slight Improvement

June 23, 2022
As of June 19, planting season was nearing the end, with sorghum at 95% and dry edible beans at 87%.

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Western bean cutworm adult

Degree-days for Prediction of Western Bean Cutworm Flight

June 21, 2022
Measuring the amount of heat between an upper and lower threshold to which an insect has been exposed, degree-days models can provide a high level of precision in predicting western bean cutworm peak flight.

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Corn plant
Corn, Soybean Emerged, Sorghum Planting at 90%

Crop Progress: Corn, Soybean Emerged, Sorghum Planting at 90%

June 13, 2022
As of June 12, the majority of corn and soybean crops had emerged, with conditions rating 88% fair to excellent for corn and 90% fair to excellent for soybean.

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Short, thin wheat stands 2022

Weed Control in Wheat Stubble Will Be Difficult This Year

June 13, 2022
With shorter and thinner wheat this year, weed emergence and growth will be accelerated, making it essential to closely watch for weed developments and spray at the proper time noted on the label to achieve maximum control.

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Soybeans emerging in field

Crop Progress: Corn Planting Complete, Soybean Planting at 96%

June 7, 2022
Planting in Nebraska is back on track — USDA NASS's report for June 5 stated corn is finished, soybeans are at 96%, and sorghum and dry edible beans are now ahead of last year's pace.

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common stalk borer larva

Managing Stalk Borers in Corn

June 2, 2022
Understanding the common stalk borer life cycle and behavior is critical to selecting management practices to reduce damage in corn.

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Soybean field

Crop Progress: Corn Planting Nears End, Soybeans at 87% Planted

June 1, 2022
By May 29, 95% of corn had been planted, and soybean planting was near 90% complete.

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