Ag Finance

Free Farm and Ag Law Clinics Set for June

June 2, 2020
Free legal and financial clinics are being offered for farmers and ranchers across the state in June 2020. The clinics are one-on-one meetings with an agricultural law attorney and an agricultural financial counselor. For the time being the clinics are being conducted as conference calls or as Zoom meetings.

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November Ag Law and Ag Finance Clinics

October 27, 2017
Schedule an appointment for one-on-one, confidential consultations with farm finance and ag law specialists at one of four clinics being held in Nebraska in November.

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Farm Finance Averages Show Some Light, Despite Concerning Ag Debt

May 3, 2017
Nebraska Farm Business, Inc. recently completed its financial averages for 2016. These averages represent producers across the state who participate in this financial analysis program. Nebraska Farm Business Inc. provides producers with a comprehensive analysis of the financial health of their business, including their accrual basis net farm income (the true earnings of the business), an earned net worth change, cost of production, 21 financial ratios, and more. Each year the data collected from these farms’ records is averaged to provide participants with information to benchmark their operations. Taking a closer look at these averages also indicates shifting trends across these farms and ranches.

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Loan Renewal Form

Preparing for Farm Loan Renewal Time

January 10, 2017
Shortly before Christmas, I was watching a Christmas movie with my family about a farm family who was in jeopardy of losing the operation if they didn’t come up with the required payments by January 2. It made me wish the struggles of the real farm economy could be fixed in less than two hours. While this isn't possible, there are steps farmers can take to prepare for a meeting with their banker. This story outlines key points to consider.

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April Clinics for Ag Finance, Ag Law

March 16, 2016

Openings are available for one-on-one, confidential Farm Finance Clinics being conducted across the state each month. An experienced ag law attorney and ag financial counselor will be available to address farm and ranch issues related to financial planning, estate and transition planning, farm loan programs, debtor/creditor law, water rights, and other relevant matters.

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