Staying Connected During Tough Times

A happy family standing in a corn field

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Physical and Mental Wellness March 4, 2019

Just as you develop habits to keep yourself physically healthy, you can develop habits that improve your mental wellness. Try these simple steps or seek out the resources listed here.

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Nebraska map displaying contact information for Nebraska LOSS teams across the state.
Trained volunteers in a Local Outreach to Suicide Survivor’s (LOSS) Team are available throughout the state to help those who have lost a loved one to suicide.

Local Teams Help Family, Friends Cope After a Suicide February 22, 2019

The unexpected death of a loved one to suicide is an intensely traumatic event. If you're facing this loss, trained volunteers serving on Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors (LOSS) Teams are available to aid your recovery.

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Graphic linking to resources on Staying Connected During Tought Times Resources for Nebraska Farmers, Ranchers, and their Families

Staying Connected During Tough Times — Resources for Nebraska Farmers, Ranchers, and Their Families February 12, 2019

These Nebraska resources can help you weather the storm, whether you're facing financial, emotional or family challenges. If you're feeling stressed, these resources can offer information and aid.

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Common signs of suicidal thoughts

Recognizing the Signs of Suicide and How You Can Help February 5, 2019

Suicide is preventable and prevention begins with knowing what signs to look for and how to help. This story outlines the common signs of chronic stress and when someone is considering suicide as well as steps you can take to help them.

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