Market Journal on WASDE, Soil Sensors, Genetic Improvements in Sorghum

April 13, 2018
In one of this week's segments on Market Journal David Holding, assistant professor of plant molecular genetics, provides an overview of new gene editing technology being used to enhance the nutritional value of sorghum and improve the digestibility of proteins.

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On-farm grain bins

USDA: Nebraska Corn Stocks Down, Soybean Stocks Up from 2017

March 30, 2018
Nebraska grain stock reports for corn, soybean, sorghum and wheat as well as national data for corn, soybean and wheat, as reported by the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

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Soybean and corn fields

Nebraska Prospective Corn Acreage Drops 3%; Soybeans Drop 2%

March 29, 2018
Nebraska prospective plantings for 2018 for corn, at 9.3 million acres, are down 3% from 2017. Nebraska soybean prospects, at 5.6 million acres, are down 2% from 2017. Find more prospective plantings at the state and national levels.

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Field of grain sorghum
Field of grain sorghum

2017 Sorghum Variety Trial Data Reported

February 23, 2018
The Nebraska Sorghum Board and Nebraska Sorghum Growers report 2017 variety trial results from three non-irrigated and one irrigated site.

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Sweet sorghum
Researchers have identified the sweet sorghum as a potential ethanol feedstock crop on non-irrigated farmland in western Nebraska. (Craig Chandler)

Researchers Explore Economic Potential for Sweet Sorghum in Dryland Production

January 25, 2018
One University team is exploring sweet sorghum ethanol as a future income source for dryland agriculture in western Nebraska, while another is looking at how to improve sorghum yields to make it a more sustainable source for biofuel production.

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Field of grain sorghum

Nebraska Sorghum Symposium Jan. 18 in Curtis

December 13, 2017
The Nebraska Sorghum Symposium offers timely and useful information to help sorghum farmers make confident, informed production and management decisions for their 2018 crop.

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Map of counties reporting the sugarcane aphid
Figure 1. US counties where the sugarcane aphid has been confirmed. (Source:

Sugarcane Aphid in Nebraska

September 28, 2017
The sugarcane aphid has been detected in a Nebraska grain sorghum field near Pawnee City, according to the Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board. This is the first time this pest has been reported on Nebraska sorghum.

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Crop Diseases Confirmed by PPDC Sept. 1-20

September 21, 2017
Diseases confirmed in samples submitted to the UNL Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab since September 1, 2017 for corn, soybean, sorghum and hops.

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