No-Till on the Plains field day poster

No-Till on the Plains to Host 25th Anniversary Celebration and Field Day

July 28, 2021
The final field day for No-Till on the Plains will be hosted at Rogers Memorial Farm in Lincoln, where several university classes conduct research on cover crops, fertilizer application rates and more. 

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Eroded field

Does Grazing Cover Crops Negatively Impact Soil and Crop Yields?

April 29, 2021
Grazing cover crops can be a potential option to re-integrate crops with livestock production and reverse the adverse effects of separating crops and livestock production, despite soil compaction concerns. 

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Long-Term Study Suggests Management Adaptations for Weather Extremes

July 16, 2019
From droughts to flooding, extreme hydrological phenomena are the costliest hazards in rainfed agriculture. A recent journal article explores how a long-term tillage study in northeast Nebraska can offer insights on successfully adapting to future climate changes by adjusting specific management practices.

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snow between residue rows
Figure 1. Standing residue captures snow across this no-till field, reducing blowing snow and erosion. (Photos by Paul Jasa)

Leave the Stubble to Protect the Soil

November 16, 2018
No-till November, a USDA NRCS campaign, encourages farmers to park their tillage implements this fall, in favor of keeping crop residue on the soil surface. Using no-till as a system reduces erosion, runoff, and soil moisture evaporation.

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Southeast Nebraska Corn Growers Field Day Aug. 29

August 22, 2018
Compare performance of corn hybrids from 11 companies in the field, and hear a presentation on cover crops with no-till planting equipment and the effects of weed control.

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Video of blowing soil

Videos Capture Value of No-till in Saving Soil Despite High Winds

May 4, 2018
Videos comparing two southeast Nebraska fields facing high wind conditions Monday afternoon demonstrate the effect of tillage practices on soil loss.

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Consider No-till Seeding Alfalfa This Year

April 6, 2018
No-till seeding alfalfa can help preserve crop residue on the soil surface, reduce soil erosion, limit weed seeds on the soil surface, and perhaps most importantly this year, help conserve soil moisture.

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Soybean seedlings in no-till field
Figure 1. With almost 100% residue cover, this soil surface is protected from raindrop impact, greatly reducing erosion and crusting. The residue will also reduce evaporation by keeping the sun and wind off the soil surface. (Photos by Paul Jasa)

Building Resilient Soil Systems using Residue, No-till, and Cover Crops

March 29, 2018
Crop residue, cover crops, and no-till farming practices can provide a positive buffering effect to changes in climate and extreme weather events. Together they can help keep more water and soil on-farm and contribute to improved soil health.

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