Grain Markets

Market Journal screen shot

Market Journal Spotlights Wheat Production, Field Day

June 8, 2018
Nebraska wheat production is the focus of this week's Market Journal with additional segments on the corn and soybean markets and forecast for the coming week.

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Market Journal on Regional and Global Trade Issues

March 16, 2018
The grain markets and trade at all levels are featured on this week's Market Journal, along with segments on bacterial leaf streak and next week's forecast.

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Cornhusker Economics: Price Volatility Transmission between U.S. Biofuel, Corn, and Oil Markets

March 7, 2018
Many factors have been suggested as sources of increased volatility in agricultural commodity prices in recent years.This study finds that corn–ethanol links exist, but the effects are small and the impact is low.

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attendees of Yeutter Symposium
"Changing Governments, Changing Trade: Impacts from Global to Local" will be the theme of a March 13 symposium at the university's Innovation Campus in Lincoln.

Yeutter Symposium to Highlight Issues of International Trade in Nebraska

March 1, 2018
International trade is critical to Nebraska's agricultural and industrial economy and will be highlighted at a March 13 symposium "Changing Governments, Changing Trade: Impacts from Global to Local."

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