Market Journal Spotlights Wheat Production, Field Day

Market Journal Spotlights Wheat Production, Field Day

Nebraska wheat production is the focus of this week's  Market Journal, hosted by Jerry Renaud. In addition, there are segments on the corn and soybean markets and the forecast for the coming week.

Segments this week include:

Market Analysis

Chad Hart, Iowa State Extension economist and crop markets specialist, discusses corn and soybean markets. Chad also shares his thoughts about the recent U.S. trade discussions with China, Mexico and Canada.

Wheat Trends

Randy Pryor, Nebraska Extension educator, talks about the recent wheat plot tour and shares a little history of Nebraska’s wheat production.

Wheat Varieties

Stephen Baenziger, University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor and wheat breeder, talks about the different wheat varieties at the Fairbury, Nebraska wheat plot tour. Baenziger also explains how growers must understand the risks before choosing a specific wheat variety.

Wheat Stand Consistency

Paul Jasa, Nebraska Extension engineer, gives tips on how growers can improve their wheat stand consistency. 

Weather Outlook

Al Dutcher, Nebraska Extension agricultural climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week.