Financial Management

Section 199a of the New Tax Act – The 20% Pass-Through

August 22, 2018
Implementing one of the new tax law changes, Section 199a - the 20% Pass-Through, may offer some challenges to tax preparers working with ag producers who qualify both as business owners and co-op members.

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Financial Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Ag Producers

August 22, 2018
As experts continue to interpret the new tax code, two things are certain for ag producers: The changes are far reaching and complex and in many cases, will result in a lower tax liability. This overview looks at several of the major changes affecting ag producers.

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Nebraska net farm income 2000 - 2015

Characteristics Contributing to Nebraska Farm and Ranch Financial Stress

January 24, 2018
Because producers are unique in their production costs, yields, prices, capital allocation, location, etc., identifying the demographic and financial characteristics contributing to financial stress is important to gain a deeper understanding of the problem. This article explores the results of a 2016 survey of Nebraska crop and livestock producers on the topic of financial stress.

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Overview of Tax Law Changes for Ag Operations

January 11, 2018
The author reviews a number of changes introduced by the 2017 Tax Relief Act and briefly notes their possible effect on farm and ranch operations.

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Tax Law Update: Elimination of 1031 Exchanges for Personal Property

January 10, 2018
One outcome of the 2017 Tax Relief Act was the elimination of personal property under the rules of Section 1031. This change will affect record keeping for ag operations and may have a significant impact on many farmer's tax returns.

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