Disease Management

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FarmBits Podcast: Predicting Spores

March 31, 2023
In the latest episode, FarmBits chats with Carlos Pizolotto, a Brazilian plant pathologist who is researching predictive models to prevent and control disease outbreaks in agriculture.

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Wheat streak mosaic

Wheat Disease Update: Barley Yellow Dwarf and Wheat Streak Mosaic

June 9, 2022
Widespread wheat streak mosaic and severe barley yellow dwarf have been scouted in Panhandle wheat fields.

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SDS on soybeans

Seed Selection Can Help Manage Diseases Next Year

October 27, 2021
Reviewing diseases that have caused issues in previous years can help you select more disease-resistant corn hybrids and soybean varieties for the upcoming growing season.

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Crop Protection Network Scouting School

April 29, 2021
Learn how to scout fields for problems with Crop Protection Network's 2021 Virtual Crop Scout School.

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Powdery mildew on wheat

Scout Wheat Fields for Early Disease Detection

April 28, 2021
The presence of diseases in their early stages of development in research plots indicates that it is time to scout Nebraska wheat fields for early disease detection.

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Plant disease photo collage

Sample Testing Underway at Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic

April 22, 2021
With operations resuming in full at the Plant & Pest Diagnostic Lab this spring, growers have several options for submitting weed, insect and plant disease samples for testing in Nebraska.

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Soybean root with SCN infection

Managing Soybean Cyst Nematode Starts Now

March 17, 2021
Preparing for the annual battle against soybean cyst nematode? Extension experts weigh in on your strategy options and offer tips on how to start winning the war.

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Frogeye leaf spot on soybean plant
Figure 1: Frogeye leaf spot of soybean (FLS) disease caused by foliar pathogen, Cercospora sojina, (Photo courtesy: Tamra Jackson-Ziems/UNL)

Nebraska Soybean Foliar Fungicide Use Survey

March 17, 2021
Offered until May 31, the foliar fungicide use survey will help UNL researchers determine future Extension programming to best meet the needs of soybean growers and other agribusiness professionals.

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