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Nonirrigated Cropland Values Reflect Strength of Commodity Markets in 2021

January 6, 2022
Nebraska agricultural economists review the factors driving nonirrigated cropland values in 2021 and discuss their outlook for farm real estate values in 2022.

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Nebraska Farm Income and Farm Policy Directions

December 21, 2021
This article provides insight on current conditions and on potential future directions for ag policy and farm programs through a brief analysis of farm income and federal farm income safety net programs.

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Webinar to Cover Finding a Tax Advisor for Farm and Ranch Businesses

December 21, 2021
With evolving tax laws and ever-increasing complexity, it’s more important than ever to find the right tax advisor that understands the special rules to apply to farmers and ranchers to help these businesses stay in compliance and minimize tax obligations.

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Agricultural Budget Calculator Training Sessions

November 18, 2021
Now throughout February 2022, the Center for Agricultural Profitability is hosting free virtual training sessions to introduce new users to the Ag Budget Calculator program's features and how to use them.

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The Nebraska Microenterprise Tax Credit

November 3, 2021
Learn more about farmers' eligibility requirements for the Nebraska Microenterprise Tax Credit, a refundable credit given to individuals operating small businesses who demonstrate growth in their business. 

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Ag Land Management Webinar to Focus on Cash Rents, Farm Programs, Leasing

November 2, 2021
The Nov. 15 webinar will address common management issues for Nebraska farmers and landowners interested in the latest insight on trends in real estate, managing ag land and solutions for addressing challenges in the upcoming growing season.

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Farm Programs, Farm Income and Agricultural Outlook Webinar

October 26, 2021
UNL Extension Policy Specialist Brad Lubben addresses current farm payment and farm income prospects, and the outlook for commodities, farm expenses and financial conditions.

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Preston Keres, USDA (Flickr/Public Domain)

USDA Reports on Rising Land Values and County-Level Cash Rent Estimates for Nebraska in 2021

October 14, 2021
Recent findings from the USDA-National Agricultural Statistics Service reported Nebraska’s farm real estate value, which incorporates the average value of all agricultural land and buildings in 2021, increased by 11% to an average of $3,100 per acre.

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