Soil Conservation

Ephermeral gully in a corn field.
Field 1. Research indicates that when used in combination with other measures, manure can play a valuable role in increasing soil aggregate size and reducing soil erosion such as from the ephermeral gully in this corn field.

Using Manure as an Aid in Reducing Erosion and Runoff

August 3, 2017
By improving soil properties manure applications can help increase water infiltration and reduce soil erosion when used in combination with other soil conservation practices. Care needs to be taken, however, in how often and how much manure is applied to avoid P loss in runoff and erosion.

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filter and buffer strips next to waterway
Figure 1. Grassed filter strips and grass and woody buffer strips are a common sense means for reducing sediment and agrichemicals in field runoff. Funding is available from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture to use these measures. (Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS)

NDA Funding Available for Buffer Strips

January 23, 2017
Buffer strips are a common sense approach to reducing agrichemicals and soil sediment in field runoff and may be funded through a program of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture.

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