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To request assistance via the new Inflation Reduction Act funds, FSA borrowers who are within two months of their next installment may seek a cashflow analysis using a recent balance sheet and operating plan to determine their eligibility.

USDA is Providing $130 Million in Assistance to Help Farmers Facing Financial Risk

May 5, 2023
This month, FSA will begin accepting and reviewing individual distressed borrower assistance requests from direct loan borrowers who missed a recent installment or are unable to make their next scheduled installment.

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chart showing farm income trends since 2000

Disaster, Financial Shocks & Stress - You Aren’t Alone

March 11, 2020
Everyone confronts times of stress. Know that whatever challenges you have faced, you are not alone!

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Financial Services Program Aims to Help Nebraska Farmers, Ranchers

January 23, 2020
A new Nebraska Extension financial services program offers farmers and ranchers across the state tools to utilize existing data to improve decision-making and management in their operations.

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Figure 1. To take care of your family and your livelihood amid a barrage of stressors, learn how to identify and manage stressors.

Building Family Resiliency Starts with You

April 6, 2018
Just as important as creating a weather resilient and financially resilient farm is creating a resilient farm family. As farmers and ranchers face stress, it's important to identify and manage the common stressors and model coping strategies for their families.

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