Farm Succession

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Keys to Successful Farm Transition Planning

July 22, 2021
Extension educator Allan Vyhnalek reviews the issues and goals a farm or ranch family should consider while planning a transition in their operation.

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Managing a Farm/Ranch Transfer to the Next Generation

August 23, 2019
Successfully getting the next generation to return to the farm and then keeping them on the farm can be accomplished through four stages that can help all the family make a peaceful transition.

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Market Journal for Feb. 1, 2019

The Wonder of Hops Among Market Journal Segments

February 1, 2019
This week's show includes segments on the value and wonder of hops, the importance of estate planning, a look at the grain and beef markets, the forecast for next week, and information about the Cover Crop and Soil Health Workshop.

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Avoid Family Trouble when Planning Farm/Ranch Succession

January 24, 2019
When looking at farm succession or transfer, sometimes recognizing the contribution of the sibling who stayed on the farm can be difficult for those who didn't. Good communication among family members is critical to a fair settlement. Here's one plan.

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Farm-Ranch Succession and Transition Workshops Nov. 5-7

October 16, 2018
Negotiating with family and understanding the difference between fair and equal will be among the topics addressed at Farm and Ranch Estate Planning workshops in western Nebraska Nov. 5-7.

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Extension Offers an Array of Resources for Planning Farm Succession

August 9, 2018

Nebraska Extension is focused on making sure those at the front line of the agriculture industry — farm and ranch families — have a plan in place for how operations will be managed for years to come.

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How Land Transitions can Lead to Unintended Consequences

May 10, 2018
Inaction or failing to plan and communicate your wishes for transitioning your farm estate can create unnecessary and unexpected problems for the next generation. Here's what one family faced after the passing of their parents and what might have been done differently.

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Farm and Ranch Succession Transition Workshops

March 14, 2018
Considerations for passing on your farm or ranch to the next generation will be the focus of Farm and Ranch Estate Planning Workshops this month in Neligh, Wilber and Loup City.

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