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Map showing Nebraska ag land values as of Feb. 1, 2017

Report: Agricultural Land Values Decline an Average of 10%

March 15, 2017
Preliminary findings from the 2017 Nebraska Farm Real Estate Market Survey conducted by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln indicate that as of February 1, 2017, farmland values declined by about 10% over the prior 12-month period to $2,805 per acre. This marks the third consecutive year of decline. Farmland value peaked in 2014 at $3,315 per acre.

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NE Farm Real Estate Values Down 3 Percent from 2015; Cash Rents Also Down

August 5, 2016
USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) reported Aug. 5 that Nebraska farm real estate value, a measure of land and farm building values, decreased approximately 3% from 2015. Cropland decreased 4%. Cash rents for cropland decreased an average $10-$11 per acre.

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So You've Inherited a Farm — Now What?

April 6, 2016

A new series of Extension farm management programs, "So You've Inherited a Farm — Now What?" continues in mid-April with important information to help you understand and manage this new investment. Whether you grew up on the farm or visited for holidays, as new owners you will want to familiarize yourself with what it means to own it.

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Nebraska Ag Land Values Down 4%; Rental Rates Down 2-10%

March 11, 2016

The average for Nebraska agricultural land values has declined by about 4% in the last year according to preliminary findings from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Farm Real Estate Market Survey. This decline marks the second consecutive year of lower weighted average farmland values in Nebraska.

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Ag Land Lease Considerations for 2015

January 9, 2015

During uncertain financial times such as these, tension can develop between landlords and tenants who become unsure as to whether their lease arrangement is fair. The best way to build mutual trust through these periods is to develop a clear two-way channel of communication and put any understandings in a written lease.

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