Al Dutcher - Associate Nebraska State Climatologist

Al Dutcher

Work Hardin Hall (HARH) 153D North
Lincoln NE 68583-0931
Work 402-472-5206 On campus, dial 2-5206

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forecast low temperatures for September 9, 2020

Cold Air Event Expected Next Week, Frost Possible

September 2, 2020
The front is projected to begin its move through the state September 8 and produce widespread cold rains and strong winds statewide, with snow or a mix of snow and rain across the Nebraska Panhandle.

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corn ear showing tip back

Weather Impacts to Pollination and Kernel Fill in 2020

August 13, 2020
For this year having what seemed to be good pollination weather, some are surprised regarding how much tip back we’re seeing. It’s important to count kernels long as there may be more kernels than one realizes in spite of tip back occurring.

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corn knocked down by high winds

Wind-Damage to Corn

July 16, 2020
Prior to storms July 8-9, plants were nearing tassel, a critical time for photosynthesis and pollination. These storms resulted in “flattened” corn from lodging/leaning in addition to bent and snapped plants. "Recovery" depends on a variety of factors.

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wheat damaged by freeze

Assessing Freeze Injury to Wheat

April 24, 2020
It takes a number of warm days (a week or more depending on temperatures) after freezing to determine the condition of the winter wheat crop, so don’t make any quick decisions after a freeze.

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Snow globe featuring an evergreen

Mid- to Late-December Forecast

December 11, 2019
Al Dutcher's forecast for mid-December through Christmas sees a series of fronts passing through, some with the potential for light snow, and a possibility of a white Christmas for much of the state.

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US map showing October 2019 departure from normal temperatures.

Drier, Colder Weather Now, but Storms Likely in Late November

November 6, 2019
Following a colder than normal October, University of Nebraska Climatologist Al Dutcher predicts drier, colder weather for much of the next two weeks with storms likely in late November.

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Nebraska map showing locations and dates of first hard freezes.

Forecast Offers Harvest Hope if Snows Stay North

October 8, 2019
With extended wet conditions this season, every precipitation event going forward has the potential to bring harvest activity to a grinding halt. The big question is how extensive will the delays be. Climatologist Al Dutcher offers good and bad news for some.

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Solar Radiation Takes a Hit in Central Nebraska in August

September 19, 2019
During much of August, particularly August 19-25, the central tier of Nebraska, from the South Dakota border to the Kansas border, saw reduced levels of solar radiation.

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