Al Dutcher - Associate Nebraska State Climatologist

Al Dutcher

Work Hardin Hall (HARH) 153D North
Lincoln NE 68583-0931
Work 402-472-5206 On campus, dial 2-5206

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Flooding in eastern Nebraska.
Figure 1. Damaged railroad bridge over the Platte River near Plattsmouth. (Photo by Tyler Williams)

Nebraska's Most Challenging 60 Days

March 29, 2019
Here's how a succession of weather events over 60 days, from mid-January to mid-March, led to a historic blizzard and flood in Nebraska.

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US map showing departure from normal temperatures for February 2019

Tired of Record Winter? Here's What to Expect for Snowmelt, Eventual Warm-Up

March 6, 2019
Climatologist Al Dutcher takes a look back at this unusual winter and a look forward with what to expect in the next couple weeks. After all this snow, what's next? Flooding is going to be a very real concern.

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Spring N application in the field
Growers planning for their 2019 N management in corn might consider the potential for increased N efficiency and reduced loss from split applications at planting and up to R3 growth stage rather than a fall application.

Consequences of Fall-Applied N

November 9, 2018
A fall nitrogen application has a relatively high loss potential and is considered the riskiest N management practice. Consider breaking tradition and splitting your N applications next year to coincide with when your corn most needs more N.

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Expect a Stormy Turn with Halloween

October 24, 2018
Expect a couple periods of light rain the last week of October, then stormy and possibly snowy conditions following Halloween.

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Nebraska map showing departure from normal precipitation

A Recap of Weather and Its Effects on the 2018 Crop Season

September 20, 2018
Weather data and trends from April through August are reported here and help explain what you're seeing from the cab this fall.

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Quote from the author, Al Dutcher: 'As fall progresses, most of the Corn Belt will likely deal with periods of heavy rainfall, interspersed with warm dry weather.'

El Nino Conditions Forecast for Fall-Winter

September 20, 2018
Climatologist Al Dutcher says there are initial signals of a developing El Nino event for this fall and winter, possibly leading to drier conditions in northwest Nebraska.

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US map indicating departure from normal temperatures for July 2018.

July Recap and August Forecasts for Temperatures and Rain

August 3, 2018
July's above normal temperatures are quickening corn maturity. Forecasts for August and early September see limited potential for precipitation.

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Map of vegetative health index in the Corn Belt  for July 8, 2018

Temperature/GDD Trend Indicates Early Corn Maturity

July 9, 2018
A cool start to the crop season followed by two months of above normal temperatures appears to be pushing Nebraska's corn crop to an earlier than normal maturity.

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