Al Dutcher - Associate Nebraska State Climatologist

Al Dutcher

Work Hardin Hall (HARH) 153D
Lincoln NE 68583-0931
Work 402-472-5206 On-campus 2-5206

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June to August CPC precipitation forecast
June to August CPC precipitation forecast

Expect More Moisture, Then a Drier La Nina by Late Summer May 25, 2016

As El Nino winds down, expect above-normal precipitation during the early summer and drier conditions as La Nina moves in in late summer. With the levels of snowpack feeding the North Platte River, flooding along the river is expected to continue.

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Managing N in a Wet Spring May 5, 2016

USDA NASS estimated 26% of Nebraska’s corn acres had been planted as of May 2, well behind last year’s pace of 45% and slightly behind the five-year average of 31%. The pace is undoubtedly being affected by the amount of precipitation across the state and the wet field conditions (Figures 1 and 2).

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Shift to La Nina Likely in Late Summer or Earlier May 2, 2016

It has been exceptionally wet since mid April with south central and southwest Nebraska receiving enough moisture to eliminate short-term dryness concerns that dominated the early February through mid-April period. Moisture data from NERain stations show that at least 253 stations recorded over 5 inches of moisture April 15-30.

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Q&A: How are Soil Temperatures Recorded? April 29, 2016

Q: When and how are CropWatch soil temperatures recorded?

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US map showing precipitation distribution for the 7 days previous to 7 a.m. April 21
Figure 1. NOAA Next Generation Radar (NEXRAD) one-week precipitation estimates ending at 7 a.m. ET April 21.

April Showers Expected to Continue in Spurts April 21, 2016

A well forecasted spring storm system brought significant moisture to a substantial area of the southern and central High Plains this past week.

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Spring Freeze Risk April 8, 2016

Soil conditions, the weather forecast, freeze risk and projected days needed for planting are all part of the decision as to when to get into the field. These factors can be highly variable from year to year and it can be challenging to know when we will reach, and maintain, soil temperatures conducive to proper crop germination.

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Forecast: More Storms, Moisture on Track for Nebraska March 24, 2016

After an exceptionally warm and dry start to March, a powerful storm system moving across the country dropped significant snowfall accumulations from eastern Colorado through northern Michigan mid-week.  Heavy snow accumulations were reported in Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

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