Al Dutcher - Associate Nebraska State Climatologist

Al Dutcher

Work Hardin Hall (HARH) 153D
Lincoln NE 68583-0931
Work 402-472-5206 On campus, dial 2-5206

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Nebraska map showing lows for April 26, 2017

Weather Data Shows Late April-May Cold Spells not that Uncommon in Nebraska April 26, 2017

Freezing temperatures were reported at numerous locations across western Nebraska the morning of Wednesday, April 26. Additional frost/freeze advisories were issued by the National Weather Service (Figure 1) for Thursday morning, encompassing most of west central to eastern Nebraska and north to the South Dakota border. The lowest temperature reported Wednesday morning at an NWS location was 27°F at Alliance and Sidney.

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US map of precipitation probability

Planting Delays Possible if Forecasts for Above Normal Precipitation Hold True April 20, 2017

Planting is underway in Nebraska but briefly stalled mid-week due to several storm fronts moving through.

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Climate Prediction Center's Seasonal Forecast April 20, 2017

The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) released its May and seasonal forecasts on April 20, slightly modifying its previous forecast for above normal precipitation for the western half of Nebraska through early fall. This shouldn’t come as a major surprise considering the roller coaster ride we have experienced with precipitation the past few months.

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Map graphing Nebraska precipitation from March 20 to April 2

Continued Rains in Early April Forecast; Possible Snow Mid-Month April 3, 2017

While all of Nebraska has seen precipitation in the last two weeks, amounts have varied widely. More rain and possibly snow is forecast for the next two weeks and may help to improve some areas that are still abnormally dry. Find the day by day breakdown here.

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US precipitation forecast maps
Figures 3-4. US precipitation maps from the NOAA Climate Prediction Center, from left: Outlook for Feb. 16-22 and experimental outlook for Feb. 18-March 3. Green indicates above average precipitation and numbers indicate percent likelihood.

As Temperatures Warm, Spring Conditions Could Turn Wet February 8, 2017

We are now two-thirds of the way through our meteorological winter (December-February) and it is time to take stock of how the current upper air pattern will likely influence the remainder of our winter and whether these conditions will carry over into the first half of our spring season. 

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US temperature outlook
US temperature outlook

Short- and Long-Term Forecasts Suggest Highly Variable Winter Temperatures November 10, 2016

Nebraska's extended summer conditions appear to be nearing an end as the temperature trend is forecast to drop mid-November. The long-lead winter forecast sees potential for a roller coaster of highs and lows traversing the state from December through February.

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Much, but Not All, of Nebraska Experiences Hard Freeze October 14, 2016

The hard freeze felt across much of east central and northeast Nebraska Oct. 13 marks the second major freeze event of the month. The first, on Oct. 6, primarily impacted western Nebraska. Now, 38 of the 56 locations listed have reported minimum temperatures of 28ºF or lower (defined as a hard freeze).

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October 2016 US map with the temperature forecast
October 2016 US map with the temperature forecast

Above Normal Temps, Precipitation Forecast for Nebraska September 23, 2016

Above normal temperatures and precipitation are forecast for October for Nebraska. A longer lead outlook indicates the potential for late winter rains that could hamper spring field operations.

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