Al Dutcher - Associate Nebraska State Climatologist

Al Dutcher

Work Hardin Hall (HARH) 153D North
Lincoln NE 68583-0931
Work 402-472-5206 On campus, dial 2-5206

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Forecast: More Storms, Moisture on Track for Nebraska

March 24, 2016

After an exceptionally warm and dry start to March, a powerful storm system moving across the country dropped significant snowfall accumulations from eastern Colorado through northern Michigan mid-week.  Heavy snow accumulations were reported in Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

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Cooler Temperature Swing Likely in Second Half of March

March 9, 2016
Soil temperatures have begun to respond to the recent warming trend with soil temperatures 4 inches under bare soil in the southern half of Nebraska averaging between 45°F and 48°F, while those in the northern half are averaging between 42°F and 45°F.

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Wheat with freeze injury

Assessing Freeze Injury to Wheat

Extension advises growers who are concerned about recent abnormally low temperatures to wait five days or so after the freeze to assess plant damage, as it takes several days of warm weather for injury to become apparent.

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