Al Dutcher - Former Associate Nebraska State Climatologist

Al Dutcher
US map showing winter departure from normal precipitation

Weather Patterns Mostly Uncertain Going into Spring Planting

March 6, 2018
Climatologist Al Dutcher looks at snowpack and temperature and precipitation patterns with an eye toward the weather outlook for planting season and a glimpse toward the extended summer outlook. While patterns are still uncertain, it appears a drier trend may be developing for the summer.

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Table of wind gusts in Nebraska
Table of wind gusts in Nebraska

How windy was it? A look at Nebraska gusts Oct. 23-27

November 2, 2017
As evidenced by field after field of broken corn stalks and ears lying on the ground, the Nebraska plains were swept by winds of 30-50 mph, often over a sustained period, Oct. 23-27. Two tables show the peak gusts as well as how many hours in a given day two sites experienced high winds.

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Table of freeze dates and average freeze dates for 2017
Table of freeze dates and average freeze dates for 2017

Growing Season Officially Over for Nebraska

October 31, 2017
On Oct. 28, the last of Nebraska's Mesonet weather stations recorded a hard freeze of 28°F, effectively bringing the state's growing season to an end. A table shows dates for 28°F and 32°F freezes as well as average dates for these thresholds for 63 sites.

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Typical La Nina pattern over North America

What Will a La Nina Winter Mean for the Midwest?

October 24, 2017
The Climate Prediction Center reissued its La Nina Watch on October 12, stating that the odds of a La Nina occurring during our North American winter have now increased to 55%-65%.

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Precipitation forecast map for September 21-28 2017

Forecast for Precipitation and End-of-Season Freeze Risk

September 19, 2017
Nebraska climatologist Al Dutcher forecasts the precipitation and temperature outlook through early October and examines the freeze risk prior to corn maturity for multiple hybrids and sites across Nebraska.

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3-0-day temperature forecast from the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center

Forecast of End-of-Season Weather and Freeze Risk

September 5, 2017
What's the likelihood you'll see a hard freeze prior to corn maturity? Check out the end-of-season forecast and a table showing risk of a hard freeze for various emergence dates and locations in Nebraska.

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US map of temperature departures for the first three weeks of August

Nebraska Drought Decreases; Forecast for Cooler, Wetter Conditions

August 24, 2017
Cooler and sometimes wet conditions continue in the forecast for Nebraska. And, with Hurricane Harvey barreling into the Texas coast, there are likely to be waves of rain in the eastern Corn Belt and changing conditions that may bring an early freeze to some areas there.

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Nebraska drought monitor map for July 25, 2017

As Drought Worsens, Hopes Focus on Moisture Forecast

July 27, 2017
With recent and predicted rains, soil moisture conditions may improve some in western Nebraska while eastern Nebraska may continue to dry down, says climatologist Al Dutcher.

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