Nebraska Crop Production Clinic Proceedings 2020

Nebraska Crop Production Clinics

Proceedings 2020

Locations & Site Agendas
Combining corn - Copyright University of Nebraska 2019

Agribusiness Management & Marketing

Farm Program Decisions, Analysis, and Impacts

Brad Lubben

Nebraska Farm Real Estate and Financial Considerations in 2020

Jim Jansen, Jeff Stokes, Glennis McClure

Crop Production

Does Grain Sorghum Belong in the Nebraska Panhandle?

Seeding Recommendations for Irrigated Soybean and Dryland Corn in West-Central Nebraska

Strahinja Stepanović

UNL-TAPS: Farm Management Competition

Extreme Weather Impact on Agriculture: Lessons Learned from 2019

Manure: More than Just Nutrients

Timing Fertilizer Applications: Pros & Cons

Making Data-Driven Decisions on Soybean Inoculation in Nebraska Cropping Systems

Forage Focus: Alfalfa on the Ground

Long-Term Cropping Systems with Cover Crop and Grazing Results


Insecticide Resistance Updates for Corn Pests

Western Bean Cutworm Pheromone Network

Novel Strategies for the Management of the Western Bean Cutworm

Jeffrey Cluever, Jeffrey Bradshaw

Advances in Understanding the Management of the Wheat Stem Sawfly

Bethany Thomas, Jeff Bradshaw

Insect Insights from the Panhandle

What’s New in Entomology

Soybean Defoliating Insects

Robert Wright, Tom Hunt, Justin McMechan

Corn Ear Feeding Insects

Soybean Gall Midge

Forage Management

Pesticide Education

Applying Pesticides Safely

Frank Bright

Plant Pathology

Specialty Crops Disease Update

Bob Harveson

What's New in Plant Pathology

Tamra A. Jackson-Ziems

Corn Disease Update

Tamra A. Jackson-Ziems

Wheat Disease Update

Stephan Wegulo

Soybean Disease Update

Kyle Broderick, Tamra Jackson-Ziems

Soil Fertility

Soil Amendments

Bijesh Maharjan, Meghan Sindelar, Laila Puntel, Javed Iqbal, Weizhen Liang, Charles Wortmann

Project Sense: Crop canopy sensors to direct variable-rate, in-season N application in corn

Nutrient Management to Reduce Soil NO Emission

Water Management

Internet of Things and Weather Forecasting for Irrigation Management

Common Problems Regarding Center Pivot Operating Pressure and Uniformity

Troy Ingram, Derek Heeren, Steven Melvin, Eric Wilkening, Aaron Nygren, Derrel Martin, Daran Rudnick, Chuck Burr, Mitiku Mamo

Soybean Irrigation Management

Nebraska Water Quality

Sprinkler Package Design for Farmers

Weed Science

Integrated Management of Kochia Over 16 Site Years: What Have We Learned?

Nevin Lawrence

Spray Quality: How It Affects Pesticide Efficacy and Drift

Robert Klein

Accuracy Matters for Effective Pesticide Applications

What's New in Weed Science

Managing Palmer with Residuals and Growth Regulators

Control of Roundup/Liberty Resistant Volunteer Corn in Enlist Corn

Multiple Herbicide-Resistant Crops and Management of Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

Impact of 2,4-D Micro-Rates on non-2,4-D Tolerant Soybean

Ivan Cuvaca, Darko Jovanovic, Jon Scott, Stevan Knezevic