Kyle Broderick - Extension Educator and Coordinator of the UNL Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic

Loren Giesler

Work Plant Sciences Hall (PLSH) 448
Lincoln NE 68583-0722
Work 402-472-2559 On campus, dial 2-2559
Examples of good and bad samples received at the Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic
Figure 1. How you package your plant sample can significantly affect the quality of the diagnoses you receive. Above are several samples received recently by the university's Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic. Samples that are too wet (left) or too dry (middle) obscure symtom expression and make disease diagnosis difficult. The sample on the right was packaged well and shipped early in the week. (Photos by Kyle Broderick)

Quality Samples Lead to Better Diagnoses

May 31, 2018
Correct identification of insects and other pests and diagnoses of diseases starts by submitting quality samples. This outlines how best to submit plant samples to the university's Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic.

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Dectes stem borer
Figure 1. Dectes stem borer in soybean (Photos by Kyle Broderick)

Check for Dectes Stem Borer Damage in Soybeans

October 27, 2017
The dectes stem borer has been expanding its range in Nebraska and university entomologists are now receiving damage reports from eastern Nebraska.

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Nebraska map of PPDC reporting districts

Crop Diseases Confirmed by PPDC Sept. 27-Oct. 5

October 6, 2017
Anthracnose in corn and soybeans was among the diseases diagnosed by the university's Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic in the last two weeks. See their report for soybean, corn, hops, and alfalfa. Clinic services will be reduced Oct. 12-19.

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Lodged corn
Figure 1. Lodged corn due to stalk rot diseases. (Photo by Tamra Jackson-Ziems)

Stalk Rot Diseases in Nebraska Corn Fields

September 22, 2017
Stalk rots can be found in corn across Nebraska. This story addresses the risk factors and how to scout for stalk rots, assess stalk strength, and determine extent of damage in a field. Fields with high levels of stalk rot should be given priority at harvest to reduce yield losses due to lodging.

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Nebraska Ag District map

Crop Diseases Confirmed by PPDC Sept. 1-20

September 21, 2017
Diseases confirmed in samples submitted to the UNL Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab since September 1, 2017 for corn, soybean, sorghum and hops.

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Map of Nebraska reporting districts

PPDC Clinic Crop Disease Reports July 20-August 3

August 4, 2017
Crop diseases identified by district in samples submitted to the UNL Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab from July 20 to August 3.

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Counties with confirmed southern rust

Continued Scouting Urged for Southern Rust Now in 26 Counties

August 4, 2017
Southern rust has now been confirmed in corn in 26 Nebraska counties. As we confirm more Nebraska counties with southern rust, it's important to know that the vast majority of rust reports have been sparse and no fungicide application was required. Continued scouting is urged, as injury can be critical to the grain-fill through dough stages.

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Wilted, stunted phytophthora
Figure 1. Wilted and stunted soybean plant due to phytophthora in an otherwise healthy field. (Photo taken in Hall County by Sarah Schlund)

Phytophthora Root and Stem Rot Developing in Soybeans

July 27, 2017
As conditions heated up the last two weeks, the fungus causing phytophthora root and stem rot became active in irrigated fields and those fields that received significant rain over the past couple weeks. Growers are encouraged to scout for this disease and, if found, manage through seed selection and treatment for the next crop.

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