Kyle Broderick - Extension Educator and Coordinator of the UNL Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic

Loren Giesler

Work Plant Sciences Hall (PLSH) 448
Lincoln NE 68583-0722
Work 402-472-2559 On campus, dial 2-2559
Spores of Exserohilum turcicum

July 2020 Disease Reports from the UNL Diagnostic Clinic

July 16, 2020
Diseases in corn, soybean, and wheat have been confirmed in parts of the state based on samples submitted to the UNL Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic from July 1 through July 15.

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submission cooler outside the plant and pest clinic

Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic – Updated Submission Procedures

July 9, 2020
As the growing season continues, the Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic is here to serve Nebraska growers by helping correctly identify weeds, insects, and plant diseases that are popping up. Due to Coronavirus, there are new recommendations for submitting samples.

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Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic Adjusts to COVID-19 Disruption

March 25, 2020
While COVID-19 related issues have hindered normal procedures, the Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic will continue to provide diagnostic support and management recommendations through pictures and description of symptoms when possible.

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soybean leaf showing signs of disease

Soybean Disease Update

March 19, 2020
Plants under stress due to environmental factors, such as extreme temperature and moisture are more susceptible to disease, and many were under stress due to the unique environmental conditions in 2019.

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Starburst pattern on Fusarium-infected corn kernels

Crop Diseases Reported by the UNL Plant and Pest Clinic

October 18, 2019
Root, crown and ear rots lead the list of corn and soybean diseases reported in samples submitted to the UNL Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab from October 1 to October 17.

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Gibberella and fusarium stalk rots in corn

Stalk Quality Concerns Widespread in Areas of Nebraska

September 27, 2019
The effects of late planting and stressful growing conditions throughout much of the season are showing up now in poor stalk quality in corn. Growers are encouraged to scout fields and harvest those most at risk of lodging first. Here's why and what to look for.

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Soybean leaves with bacterial blight

Late Season Soybean Diseases Widespread in Areas of Nebraska

September 13, 2019
Record rainfall during August and continued wet conditions into September are much to blame for the flush of diseases Nebraska’s soybean crop has been experiencing. Here are some of the most common diseases at this time and information on managing them.

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Psysoderma brown spot

PP&DC Disease Reports

August 9, 2019
Corn and soybean diseases confirmed by the Plant, Pest and Diagnostic Clinic and reported by district.

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