Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic – Updated Submission Procedures

Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic – Updated Submission Procedures

As the growing season continues, the Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic is here to serve Nebraska growers by helping correctly identify weeds, insects, and plant diseases that are popping up. While practicing social distancing and working from home when possible, we are staggering work in the clinic to ensure that samples are still being processed in a timely manner. Due to this staggered work schedule, our phone may not be answered, however please leave a voicemail and we will respond when we are able. At this time, email is the best method of communication for non-urgent business.

Unfortunately, buildings on campus have restricted access so we are unable to have visitors in the clinic. However, we have a cooler available to drop samples at both Plant Science Hall and a smaller drop box located at Entomology Hall for any plant samples with insect damage.

As always, High Quality Samples Lead to Better Diagnoses, and we have a few more tips to make sure that our diagnosticians and Extension specialists are getting the samples in a timely manner.

  • If possible, ship via FedEx or UPS; we have had samples sent via USPS that have been lost recently.
    • If FedEx or UPS are not an option, please contact either Kyle Broderick or Kyle Koch prior to shipment for additional instructions.
  • We are happy to meet to collect oversized samples if prior arrangements are made for collection. Most days, someone will be working in the clinic from 9 am – 5 pm.
  • Plant Science Hall Dropbox Location: Outside of the west, first floor door to Plant Science Hall. This is down a short stairwell and under a 2nd floor canopy to keep the samples from being in direct sunlight. Label sample with name and contact information.
    • The physical address is 1875 N. 38th Street, Lincoln, NE.
  • Entomology Hall Dropbox Location: Outside of west entrance to Entomology Hall. When facing the main doors, sample box is on the left side of the entryway. Please label samples with name(s) and contact information.
    • Physical address is 1700 E Campus Mall, Lincoln, NE
    • Please contact either Kyle Broderick or Kyle Koch when samples are dropped off to ensure quick pickup.
    • Drop boxes will be checked at the end of business Monday – Friday, but not over the weekend unless prior arrangements are made.
Pest Diagnostic Dropbox Cooler
Plant & Pest Diagnostic Dropbox Cooler: Go to the west side of Plant Science Hall, down a short flight of steps and the cooler is to the left side. If you are facing the 1st floor, west doors to Plant Science Hall, the coolers are located directly behind you.
Entomology Dropbox
Entomology Dropbox: Go to the west entrance of Entomology Hall and up the stairs to the doorway. When facing the door, box is located to the left side.

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