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Growth stages of corn at rainfed sites in monitored by Corn Yield Forecast Center

2019 Corn Yield Forecasts as of July 15

July 19, 2019
Corn is still in vegetative stages across much of the Corn Belt. At this point, delayed planting doesn't appear to have affected yields at irrigated sites. Yields for rainfed sites vary considerably, with those on the western edge trending above normal.

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Pollen on leaves and silks in spite of heat
Corn pollen on and near silks. For each kernel of grain to be produced, one silk needs to be fertilized by one pollen grain. Photo by Jenny Rees.

How Extended High Heat Disrupts Corn Pollination

July 19, 2019
A lot of factors can affect corn pollination success, including recent and predicted high heat and high humidity. This explains how environmental conditions influence the pollination process and how a cool down later this weekend may be helpful.

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Map of the Corn Belt showing locations for the 2019 Corn Yield Forecasts
Map of the Corn Belt showing locations for the 2019 Corn Yield Forecasts

2019 Corn Yield Forecasts: Approach and Interpretation of Results

July 8, 2019
Agronomists address how the Corn Yield Forecast Center develops yield forecasts, what to expect during the growing season, and how to use the forecasts to inform farm decisions. Tables detailing soil types and crop management for each of the 41 locations are included.

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Unplanted acres with corn residue

Check Herbicide Restrictions before Planting and Using Cover Crops

June 28, 2019
Cover crops offer many benefits for prevented planting fields; however, including them in a rotation adds another layer of complexity, particularly when it comes to plant-back restrictions for previously applied herbicides. Here's what to check before selecting a cover crop species.

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Soybean emerging from a crack in a heavily crusted field.

Considerations after Crusted Soybean

June 14, 2019
Soil crusting is challenging soybean emergence, but is it enough to warrant replanting? Here are early steps to remediate crusting problems and factors to consider when considering replanting.

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Strategies for delayed soybean planting

Strategies with Delayed Soybean Planting

June 13, 2019
Adjusting soybean planting practices (row spacing, seeding rate and the use of custom planting) and relative maturity of the variety can help maximize yield potential when planting after mid-June.

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Corn Hybrid Maturities and Late Planting

June 13, 2019
Still planting corn and wanting to change to a different hybrid maturity? Here are some things to consider and a tool that can help you assess which hybrid options are likely to mature before an average fall freeze date for your location.

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Farmers at On-Farm Research Network meeting
Figure 1. Growers surveyed about why they conduct on-farm research said that, among other benefits, they appreciated getting to share their results and talk with other growers about their research at winter meetings.

Study Highlights Motivations and Impact of Participating in an On-Farm Research Network

May 31, 2019
Forty Nebraska growers participating in the On-Farm Research Network recently shared why they conduct on-farm research and what it's meant to be part of a group of researchers. The results, published in the Agronomy Journal, illustrate a range of benefits, including cost savings and economic gains.

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