Wheat variety Sy Monument

SY Monument is broadly adapted with good yields across the area of adaptation. It has white chaff and is a medium-late maturating variety. It is a  a high tillering wheat with good head size and very good test weight patterns. U.S. Variety Protection Applied For (PVPA 1994). Certificate No. 201400332. SY Monument can only be sold as a class of certified seed.

  • Moderate resistance to leaf and stripe rust
  • Excellent acid soil tolerance
  • Excellent Soil-Borne Wheat Mosaic Virus resistance
  • Good winter hardiness

More variety characteristics in the Nebraska Crop Improvement Association 2016 Seed Guide (see chart on page 17)

Contact the following certified seed growers for this variety:

  • Prairie Sky Seed, Hemingford, 308-487-3705
  • Luhrs Cert. Seed & Cond., Imperial, 308-882-5917
  • Arrow Seed Company, Broken Bow, 308-872-6826
  • Von Johnson, Cambridge, 308-697-4654
  • Anderson Seed, Odell, 402-239-4865
  • Husa Seed Farms, Barneston, 402-674-3188
  • Nelson Certified Seed, Wallace, 308-539-1847
  • Tom Bargen Trucking, Nora, 402-469-8153
  • Peters Seed Farms, Inc., McCook, 308-340-6834
  • Maschmann Mills, Deshler, 402-365-4369
  • Polansky Seed, Belleville, KS, 785-527-2271
  • Leon Lutkemeier, Bladen, 402-756-8488

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