Wheat Production Systems - Nebraska

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Like any crop, winter wheat should be grown as part of entire crop production system. Decisions made throughout the production system will impact the success of the winter wheat crop. Ecofarming is a popular production system for many winter wheat growers in Nebraska.

Seedbed and Planting

A productive wheat crop starts with a firm, moist seedbed planted at the optimum time and at an adequate seeding rate.

  • Seeding Rates for Winter Wheat in Nebraska
    A review of winter wheat trials in Nebraska shows how widely the number of seeds per pound can vary within and among varieties, leading specialists to recommend a change to planting by seeds per acre rather than seeds per pound.
Nebraska map with planting dates
Seeding Dates for Nebraska
  • Calibration of Sprayers (Also Seeders)
    Provides methods and calculations for calibrating sprayers and seeders for accurate in-field application plus a section on converting weights and measures.


Although grazing winter wheat is not as common in Nebraska as in the southern Great Plains, grazing can be used to lower risk from environmental stresses such as drought and hail, and economic risks associated with grain markets.

Growers can harvest wheat for grain only or they can harvest both the grain and forage. They can also harvest just the forage through “graze-out” of the crop.

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