Nebraska Research on Wheat


Unbiased research is the foundation and strength of University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension. Our research-based recommendations set us apart from other sources of information.

If you are interested in on-going or recently completed research on winter wheat, please take the time to peruse the following research projects and see how we go about developing recommendations that help make you and your business more profitable while sustaining our natural resources. These reports provide preliminary results that often require additional data and/or additional analysis and interpretation before final recommendations are made. Please use the information presented in these research reports with caution.

Wheat Breeding

Dr. P. Stephen Baenziger, Eugene W. Price Distinguished Professor, is the primary small grains breeder at the University of Nebraska. His work emphasizes the improvement of wheat, barley, and triticale. He submits his annual reports to the Nebraska Wheat Board, which funds a portion of his wheat breeding program each year. 


Dr. Robert Graybosch is a research geneticist with the USDA-ARS and is located on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. His research emphasis is on genetic control of wheat end-use quality. His research reports can be found at the following links.

Nebraska Wheat Board Reports

The Nebraska Wheat Board funds wheat-related research through their commodity check-off program. As a stipulation of this funding, researchers provide annual reports to the Board.

High Plains Ag Laboratory

The High Plains Ag Lab is located about 6 miles northwest of Sidney, Neb., in the heart of western Nebraska’s major dryland crop production area. It’s mission is to improve the profitability of dryland crop and livestock production through applied research responsive to the needs of the local producers. Wheat-related research from their most recent annual report:

Other reports from the High Plains Ag Lab include:

Wheat Herbicide Trial Reports

Members of the University of Nebraska Weed Science Panel conduct herbicide field trials each year. You can view the reports involving wheat by going to the UNL Weed Science Annual Research Results page, selecting the year of interest, and then clicking twice on the column heading entitled "Crop/Site", which will group the studies in the table by crop and then bring the wheat studies to the top of the table.

Wheat Fungicide Trial Report

This book chapter by Dr. Stephen Wegulo and his co-authors reports on a 2-year study on the use of foliar fungicides in winter wheat to control foliar fungal diseases. Fungicides evaluated were: Quilt, Headline, Tilt, Quadris, and Stratego. An economic analysis is provided.


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