Wheat Insect Management


Insects can be a major cause of loss to wheat producers as a result of direct feeding or as vectors, or carriers, of disease. Insect infestations can range from local to statewide in scope.

See page links to the right for insect summaries and control recommendations located in The Insect Almanac from UNL Extension Entomology. See below for additional links to NebGuides and CropWatch articles.


Wheat Stem Sawfly

The wheat stem sawfly was originally found in Banner, Morrill, and Scotts Bluff Counties in the early 1990s. However, during the past 3 years the geographic range of this insect has expanded to include the entire panhandle of Nebraska. This insect can have a devastating impact on wheat with as much as 80% of an infested area suffering from lodging.

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Hessian Fly

  • Hessian Fly on Wheat (G1923)
    This NebGuide describes the lifecycle and management of the Hessian fly, including risk reduction with planting date, volunteer control and resistant varieties.

Cinch Bug