Insecticide Recommendations for Control of Chinch Bugs in Wheat

Updated May 4, 2006 by Gary Hein and John Thomas

Economic Threshold:
Chinch bugs in eastern Nebraska can infest wheat in the spring and build up to levels that may be damaging to surrounding sorghum or corn in the summer when they move from ripening wheat. Thick wheat stands will be avoided by chinch bugs and likely reduce the threat of chinch bugs. Treatment for chinch bugs in wheat would seldom be warranted.

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IRAC Mode of Action Classification:
  • Group 1 = Acetylcholine esterase inhibitors; 1B = Organophosphates
  • Group 3 = Sodium channel modulators
R = Restricted-Use Product * = Suitable for chemigation ai = active ingredient REI = Re-Entry Interval
Mode of

1B R Methyl 4EC methyl parathion 0.75 lb ai/A Do not apply within 15 days of harvest.
REI 5 days.
3 R Mustang Max zeta-cypermethrin 3.2 - 4 oz/A Do not apply within 14 days of harvest.
REI 12 hrs.
3 R Warrior,*
lambda-cyhalothrin 3.84 oz/A Do not apply within 30 days of harvest.
REI 24 hrs.